2006-present: Assistant Professor, Oncology Biostatistics
Joint Appointment in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2004-2006: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Jef Boeke, Hopkins/HiT center

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1995-2003
2003: MD
2003: PhD, Human Genetics
Thesis: The Alignment Manager
Advisors: Dr. Jim Ostell, NCBI, Dr. Tom Kelly, Hopkins

University of Colorado at Boulder 1992-1995
1995: Bachelor of Arts, GPA 4.0, three majors
  •   Summa cum laude Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
  •   Summa cum laude Mathematics
  •   Biochemistry
  •   . . . minor in chemistry

Two senior theses: (1) Mathematical modeling of biological systems
    (2) A comparison of the architecture of Chlamydomonas cells preserved by high-pressure freezing and chemical fixation