Funding Opportunities
Project Title: 2019 Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research
Sponsoring Department: Pathology
Deadline Date: Friday, August 30, 2019


  1. Funding is available for novel developmental research programs (pilot projects).
  2. Developmental Research Program (Pilot Projects): This program funds important new pilot projects with promising translational potential that do not have sufficient data for an independently funded NIH grant. Projects of high priority should focus on new research directions, explore innovative ideas, test unconventional, but potentially important, new hypotheses, or ascertain the feasibility of new research approaches. The applicants are expected to provide evidence of a significant research commitment to insure that the proposal can in fact be addressed in an effective and productive way.
  3. Eligibility: Applicants must hold an MD or PhD degree or both and must have a current academic appointment at Johns Hopkins University. Individuals with nontenure track positions should provide a letter from a tenure track faculty member describing their position and providing assurances of employment during the grant period.
  4. Applications will be judged by a review panel composed of senior faculty members from several Departments at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. High priority will be given to project innovation and potential clinical impact.
  5. Funds ($50,000 per year with the option of re-applying for a second year of funding) may be requested for the salaries of faculty, postdoctoral fellows or technicians, for equipment, and/or for consumable supplies.
  6. Awardees will be expected to provide periodic progress reports during the funding period as well as a 500 word summary of their research plans, understandable to lay people, at the time of funding, and an additional 500 word summary of their research accomplishments, also understandable to lay people, at the completion of funding.
  7. Publications generated as a result of funding support should acknowledge The Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center.
  8. Applications are simple and brief and should include and be ordered as follows:

 A hard copy of your application must be submitted to:

Sandy Markowitz
600 N. Wolfe Street, Carnegie 415
(410) 955-9791

For More Information and Questions:
Sandy Markowitz