Funding Opportunities
Project Title: Cervical Cancer SPORE
Sponsoring Department: Pathology
Deadline Date: Friday, August 3, 2018

Guidelines and instructions:

1)   Pilot project grants are now available to support new projects in advanced cervical cancer related research.  Priority will be given to translational research projects as well as to projects related to cervical cancer and the human papillomavirus. Basic research that has obvious, near-term translational potential will also be considered.  Funds for the pilot project program are provided by our NCI Cervical Cancer SPORE grant. 

2)   Applications will be judged by a review panel composed of external senior faculty members. Final funding decisions will be made by the Cervical Cancer SPORE Steering Committee based on scientific review and programmatic priorities.

3)   An investigator may hold only one pilot project award at a time. 

4)   Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $30,000 - $40,000 (direct costs) for a period of one-year with the potential for one renewal year upon reapplication.  Please assume September 1, 2018 start date. Funds may be used for salary support, equipment, and consumable supplies.

5)   Grants should be submitted electronically.  Modify the forms below and submit as a .doc file to the following e-mail address: [Lucy Wangaruro ]

6)   Applications are simple and brief and should include and be ordered as follows:


Specific Aims

Background, including preliminary studies of applicant

Experimental Design (Please refer to previous publications of P.I. whenever possible).    The total length of Specific Aims, Background, and Experimental Design sections should not exceed two pages, using a Font of 12 and 1 inch margins.

Additional materials: 

a)   Progress Report (For renewal applications only) 1 page maximum

b)   Current and pending funding: Carefully indicate reasons for non-overlap if potential overlap exists. 

c)   NIH Biosketch form for all key personnel

Forms are available on the following NIH URL.


7).  Final Selection Process for each proposal will be evaluated using the criteria of Significance, Innovation, Investigator potential, Cervical Cancer Relevance, and Approach. Preliminary score will be rendered using a 1-10 scale. Each application will then be discussed by the Review Committee.


8) Applications are open to the following institutions: Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Colorado at Boulder.

For More Information and Questions:
Lucy Wangaruro