Welcome to the CUPID Summer Translational Oncology Program

The Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center has teamed up with the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center and The Ohio State James Comprehensive Cancer Center to offer a 10-week program entitled Cancer in the Under-Privileged, Indigent or Disadvantaged (CUPID). Students who are interested in both research and health care disparities, and who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to community service are invited to apply.

Addressing Cancer Research and Health Disparities through CUPID

The mission of CUPID (Cancer in the Under-Privileged Indigent or Disadvantaged) to address the impending shortage of practicing oncologists within the US, and to cultivate an interest in cancer treatment and research among medical students who have not yet fully defined their career plans. The program will include formal lectures discussing health care disparities, general oncologic principles, and specific diseases prevalent in underserved populations. Students may select their preference of location in Baltimore, MD, Indianapolis, IN, or Columbus, OH, or they may agree to apply to all sites. The number of fellowships at each of the sites is limited and admission will be highly competitive. One important goal of the program is to reach out to students at institutions that are not affiliated with an NCI-designated cancer center. Accordingly, such students will be prioritized.

2019 Program Information

2019 CUPID Program Dates:
May 28 - Aug 02, 2019

Registration Opens: 12-17-2018
Registration Closes: 01-17-2019

Things you'll need to apply

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  • Completed Online Application
    • Personal Statement (500 Words)
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  • 2 Reference Letters


  • "I've always been asked how I would combine my passion for unserved cared and oncology. The CUPID program provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so. I was able to work on a basic science project addressing breast cancer care disparities globally. The program exposed me to important social determinants of oncological care domestically and provided me with a platform for forming my future career goals."
    ~Rupali Sood, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MS II
  • "One of my favorite events in the program was getting the chance to go down to DC to advocate with the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship for their Cancer Policy and Team (CPAT) Symposium. During this event, we were able to interact with different members of the Coalition and hear their stories about the their experience dealing with cancer and navigating the health care system, in addition to lobbying to local congressmen about the PACT act. I couldn't have imagined a better summer program to have participated in this past summer! I previously had experience with research, public health, and medicine separately, but this program cohesively brought all my interest together. By conducting research, attending daily lunch lectures on public health topics, and shadowing oncologists, I was able to further define my career interests of pursuing an MPH and working with an underserved population. It was great to meet medical students from all over the country and to spend my free time exploring a new city!"
    ~Bernadette Eichman, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • "The Cupid Program provides a well-rounded experience for medical students who don't have these opportunities at their own medical school. I am so grateful for those 7 weeks and would highly recommend this program to medical students interested in a unique research opportunity."
    ~Emily Rose, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

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