CPC / Program Members

Name Department Address Phone Email Website
Terri Beaty SPH, Epidemiology  
Janice Bowie , PhD SPH, Health, Behavior and Society Hampton House 743 4-6119
Fran Burman SPH. Epdiemiology  
EJ Childs SOM, Oncology Cancer Immunology/GI Clinical Research  
Barbara Diehl SPH. HBS  
Elisabeth Donaldson HBS/IGTC  
Elizabeth Edsall  
Altovise Ewing SPH, HBS  
E Faxon    
M Gibbons , MD Urban Health Institute 111 Market Pl. 850 5-1104  
Kenneth Gibbs SPH, Epidemiology  
Asieh Golozar SPH  
E Haupt    
David Holtgrave Health, Behavior&Society 624 N. Broadway Ste.280, Baltimore, MD 21205 410-502-4076  
Nicole Hughes EHS  
Chidinma Ibe  
Sarah Israel SPH, Epidemiology  
Norma Kanarek , PhD SPH Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences  
Alpana Kaushiva  
Terrence Lee SPH  
Deborah Morgan-Meadows SPH, Epidemiology  
Elizabeth Platz , ScD SPH Epidemiology Wolfe Street E6138 4-9674
Vinayak Prasad  
Debra Roter , PhD SPH Health, Behavior and Society Hampton House 750 5-6498  
Michelle Silver SPH  
Katherine Smith JHSPH, Health Behavior and Society  
Claire Snyder SOM, DOM  
Paul Strickland , PhD SPH Environmental Health Sciences Wolfe Street W2712 5-4456  
James Zabora Oncology, SOM Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities