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The Cancer Exposome: What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it important? How do we measure it?

Paul T. Strickland, PhD Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Public Health Challenge
The exposome is theoretically a comprehensive measurement of all exposure events (exogenous and endogenous) from conception to death. It encompasses life course environmental exposures including lifestyle factors from the prenatal period onwards.

The exposome is useful for public health since it measures the:

Research Findings

Sometimes biomarkers as internal dose measures compliment traditional exposure assessment methods and are the only method available to assess some types of exposure.

Possible Directions

The exposome as a concept will require the following 1) high quality, well designed (cohort) studies, with appropriate controls, sample biorepositories, and state-of-the art exposure assessment and 2) development and validation of new exposure assessment tools. There are tremendous scientific opportunities.

Future Research Opportunities

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