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Pilot Projects / Funding Opportunities
CRFG Cancer Grant Fiscal Year 2018 Solicitation
Deadline: 6/1/2017 (Prior to Midnight) - 7 Day(s) Left
Applications are being requested for funding from The Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund (CRF) research grant to Johns Hopkins. Funded awards will begin July 1, 2017 and end June 30, 2018. These research grants are intended to improve the cancer burden in Maryland, eliminate disparities, and address lung, oral, prostate, breast, cervix, colon/rectum cancers or melanoma. State priorities are amenable to funding and found in the 2016-20 Cancer Plan at the website, . They may be basic science, clinical, or population-based research. Transdisciplinary cancer prevention and control projects are especially encouraged as are research projects that are matured by an NIH proposal.
For more information contact:
Norma Kanarak

Gabrielles Angel Foundation for Cancer Research
Deadline: 6/6/2017 (Prior to Midnight) - 12 Day(s) Left
This award provides support to a junior investigators independent lab career whose cutting-edge, creative scientific proposals have the greatest potential of broadening our understanding of, and treatment for, blood cancers (the kind of bold scientific ideas that lack sufficient data and/or may not be eligible for funding from more traditional mechanisms). The Foundation focuses on projects for cancer prevention, detection, and treatment that are most likely to be translated into clinical trials within a 3 – 5 year period.
For more information contact:
Gail Voelker

Swim Across America (SAA) Translational Research Funds
Deadline: 6/16/2017 (Prior to Midnight) - 22 Day(s) Left
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine announces the first annual request for applications (RFA) for the Swim Across America (SAA) Translational Cancer Research Awards. SAA Awards will fund translational cancer research projects of $75,000 direct costs per year (no indirect costs), with an award term of two years.
For more information contact:
Rose Wollett

Patrick C Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund (2017)
Deadline: 7/3/2017 (Prior to Midnight) - 39 Day(s) Left

Funding is available to support multidisciplinary research in prostate cancer through the Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund and the SPORE Development Research Program.  Awards are for a maximum of $100,000 and should not be used to support PI salary.  Partnership with a Brady Urological Institute faculty member is highly encouraged.  

In addition, funds are available to support career development in prostate cancer for new investigators OR mid-level investigators who wish to explore new research directions.  These SPORE Career Enhancement Program Awards are for a maximum of $100,000 total over 2 years and mentorship by a Brady Urological Institute faculty member is required.

An emphasis will be placed on funding high risk/high reward research with a high priority given to project innovation and potential for clinical impact. A preference will be given to applications submitted by investigators who have not previously received research support through Patrick C. Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund.

For more information contact:
Brandy Yeater